Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gabe and Andrew in the pool

Gabe tried to get out
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I got that pool for 5 bucks at Babies R Us - not worth one penny more! But even if we used it just that one time, it was totally worth seeing those two little men haev fun and try to get out of it :) Good to have with this insanely warm texan weather when we're too lazy to go to Deep Eddy...

San Francisco

This is fun!
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We went to San Francisco for 3 days over Memorial weekend - first time for Gabe, I hadn't been since I was 12 basically, and Shad had last been a few years ago for work. We just chilled and ate quite a lot of food. During that weekend Gabe cut both his upper teeth, what a brave little man, didn't complain once! We did manage to see quite more than I thought we would, many streets and neighborhoods, the piers, the golden gate bridge (Gabe slept most of the time, surprise surprise), Chinatown and the Japan Center (sooooo very cool), etc.. We were in a hotel downtown on 3rd, quite fancy, Gabe loved the room overlooking the buildings, he gained more independency with his crawling too!
A very lovely windy (and cold! brrrrr) weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Swimming at Deep Eddy

Swimming at Deep Eddy
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For the first time! Ok, the water is definitely cooler than the YMCA, but than it's clear water, no more horrible chlorine that stings the eye! And Gabe loved it, as was to be expected :) I just love that place.

Fun on the Rody!

Look! No Hands!
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Gabe got the Rody rocking horse from his Mamino and Papilou! He LOVES it!!! It is such a cute fun toy, that the entire family can enjoy, hehehe.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Austin Lightning storm may 15th 2008

Amazing storm pictures from Streetranger, found on flickr... No wonder it was SO scary..

HUGE STORM! May 15th, Austin

A HUGE storm hit us 2 nights ago, around midnight, with winds at 90mph!... green sky... We heard our transformer go down, the power went out.. There was hail (2-3 inches hailstones), big 100-year-old trees fell down and damaged our entire neighborhood (Clarksville). We were without power for 19hrs, not so long after all, but still seems like forever, considering the damage in the streets, having to take care of Gabe, ambulances, fire trucks, landscape trucks everywhere, roads closed down. We are lucky, we barely had any damage. It was a loooooong day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gabe is starting to crawl (backwards)

Ok, you can't really tell from this video but he definitely pivots and starts moving around and he does a lot more every day!
This is the only video I've managed to upload on Flickr... weird. It appears to upload and at 100% of completion it says that "something went "BONK" with your videos", but doesn't give an explanation. My videos are short and not over-sized either... Don't get it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day!

My own first mother's day :) What a treat!! Turns out, as Gabe is teething and is waking up super early, that we managed to do tons of things all together yesterday!
Gabe got me a new Hello Kitty for my collection and a couple of other cute items :) What a cute gift (thank you Shad :P)

We had breakfast at Sweetish Hill, had lunch at Chui's, and after Gabe's nap, we picked up some ripe cherry tomatoes in our yard, we went to Terra Toys (almost as cool as Toy Joy :P), had an ice cream at Amy's IceCream, and finally went to Whole Foods to get some good dinner stuff (Prosecco, bread, cheese...). Gabe had a blast in the cart!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gabe's 1st tooth?

It's been a few days that I think I've noticed a tooth in there, well, it's not out yet, but I can see it's coming, bottom jaw on the left side! It explains some of the moodiness I guess... 
And also he started crawling backwards this morning, very cute and extremely funny!

Gabe with Grandma JeRena

Gabe with Grandma JeRena
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Grandma JeRena came to visit this past weekend and we had a great 3 days! Did tons of stuff, went for a swim, had avocado margaritas (seems like we do that with everybody who come to visit), went swinging in the park, bought a few things at IKEA..