Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting ready for Gabe (2)

Getting ready for Gabe
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Shad built the changing table yesterday night and had some fun putting away things in it :) Lots of diapers, baby wipes... We also tested our baby monitor. Fun fun.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kitchen renovation is done!

After 3 weeks of hard work, demolition and reconstruction, and a house looking more like a war-zone than a home... We finally did it! It's bigger, fancier, tidier and mostly... cleaner!
This is our last home improvement for a while (until Gabe turns 18 hehehehe), no more work, besides Gabe's room, for which we still need to build furniture (of course...).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prison Break Season 2 (beware, spams!)

Thought I'd share my point of view.
So, we're about half way through season 2, and I must say I am a bit perplex... Although a few episodes are really intriguing and have good turn of events, most of them are just confusing. I am starting to wonder if the writers wrote the show as the episodes went on screen, or if there really ever was an originial script to start with.
It just feels like the authors do whatever they want with the characters, put them on the case, take them off the case, put them back on the case, etc... to be able to introduce temporary new characters, and let Scofield get away everytime. But it just seems less and less credible as we go, how can Scofield get any smarter than he already is, how can he still get out of all these situations? What are the extents of the conspiracy they are a victim of? What are they going to come up with next: maybe the president of the US is an alien who wants to destroy the entire human race, so he chose to start with Burrows... whatever... Yes, the writers could be that twisted really.
Plus I think the show is flanked with awful actors, cf the actress playing Veronica Donovan, where did they find her? Thank you for finally killing her off at the beginning of the second season, she was probably the dumbest lawyer character ever seen on TV! She did exactly everything wrong, or everything to be caught. Also, The Lincoln Burrows and LJ's characters are sadly portrayed by the worst actors left in the show right now, and it just feels like their roles were written to have them arrested (because they're stupid, and all they do is so stupid!).

There's a great duality to this show: uninteresting characters (V.Donovan, L. Burrows: although he's the center point of the show!!!, LJ...) played by awful actors, vs very cruel criminals and tortured FBI agents who end up being the "cool" characters, because they actually bring something to the story and not only make time go buy. The only point to this season is the introduction of the FBI agent Alexander Mahone (played by the great William Fichtner) in a two-faced character with dark issues. And T-bag is as creepy as ever. Too bad they killed off the maffiozo John Abruzzi... why get rid of the good actors/smart characters?
It was way more interesting (and credible - if that's really possible) inside the prison! (So, season 1).
I just can't imagine what will be in Season 3. With Shad we're just really wondering where the action will take place: back inside the prison? Knowing that probably by the end of Season 2, all the escapees will be dead... No way to know, maybe we'll have more hints at the end of this season, but then again, it would mean watching the rest of it, which we're not sure we can do...

And on the other hand, we've started watching 24, that's why our attention is drifting I guess...

Getting ready for Gabe

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning all the clothes we have for Gabe. So, quite a lot of time... :)

Turns out that we really have TONS of newborn and up to 3 months clothes for him! Thanks to everyone who gifted us with all these items!

And also quite a lot of hats, bibs, blankets, blankies, toys... I think we're ok for the first months of his life

Tips I was given to wash baby's clothes

It should be straight forward BUT:
Allergen-free laundry detergent (i.e. no scent), and NO fabric softener. I was dreaming of nice flowery scents on our baby's clothes, I guess we'll have to do without it... :(
I remember Bea giving me one of Hugo's onesie when I left to Norway, it smelled both like him and also like fabric softener, very comforting! Guess he wasn't allergic.
Plus, clothes that aren't 100% cotton or close don't wash well and don't stay soft, which isn't recommended for a baby's skin and can cause rashes.
Being pretty allergic and having eczema+skin issues pretty quickly myself, I can easily picture this. And we already use non-scented laundry detergent for Shad who's allergic to regular laundry detergents...
We're both hoping Gabe won't inherit from our allergic genes...

Hello Kitty Bumble Bee

Hello Kitty Bumble Bee
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I love HK, and I love bumble bees :) Gift from my hubby one night last week, after he came home from work! He said "I thought you could use a new friend :)" Super super cute!
A little plastic HK is standing next to it for scaling.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bathroom makeover - finished!

Now we've got a nice, modern, spacious bathroom to use!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

IKEA cabinets.... here we go!

IKEA cabinets.... here we go!
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Here we can see my hubby fully concentrated and starting to put up the sink and dishwasher units.. Tomorrow the plumber is coming to hook it all up, good thing we don't have to do that ourselves... One thing less to worry about!

Painting red... over grey primer: so much easier!!

Finally the kitchen paint is done! It feels like the entire process took forever! We're paint pros now. To paint red colors, use a grey primar, allowing to coat once, perhaps twice only! Sooo much easier than when I painted the purple box in the dinning room (5 layers???).

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Driver's license part 2: the driving test

I got my driver's license this morning! We got up at 5:20 to queue early at DPS, got there first, and I took the test, passed with 0 mistakes!!! Hurray!!!!!!
Finally, that's done! :)