Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The house (leveling) breaks...

The actual leveling on our house started yesterday, and will end today. 2 days of me watching the house being jacked, and cracked. It really feels like it's going to fall apart although of course, it won't. Or will it?
Anyway, what had to happen happened, a window broke in Shad's office and the walls of the dinning room are popping out... One of the front doors doesn't shut anymore and the backdoor is stuck! More fixing to do! I hope today will bring less surprises than yesterday (we also had the main water pipe break!).
The blue bedroom also has a wall that popped out... booh..

Let's see today, they're done with the outer walls, so it looks like the worst is behind us. Hopefully..

When I think of all the time we've spent fixing up this room...

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