Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home Improvement in Austin, who to go with.

Now that all the contractors and workers are out of our house, here's a few contractors' names I can give you, if you're looking for things to be done.

- Chase Electrics, for electricity work. They're beyond good and we've trusted their judgment in much more that electrical stuff. We've become friends :)

- ManorFoster for foundation repair. Extremely competent guys and working with a good spirit. Eager to get the job well done. Plus, will repair a few things here and there, broken pipes, a bit of carpentry. Very efficient.

- Rob Clinchard and Harold Starke, for floor refinishing.

- The Grass Patch, for grass sods. Extremely fast and competent.

- Texas Painting Company, for the house exterior paint. very nice guys.

- A1 Restauration, for the restauration of tubs and sinks.

- Austin Landscape Supplies, for gravel delivery. Quick delivery.

- JLJ Building construction for drywall demolition and construction. Great customer care too.

We've used other contractors for other improvements, but as it did not necessarily go well (too moody or rude), I will not put up there names here.

Over all I'd give the advice of planning twice the time you've estimated to get everything done. Some of the work is dependant of weather conditions. And also, the contractors might be working for somebody whilst working for you... That's what we experienced at least!

I hope this is helpful!

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