Monday, May 07, 2007

Back from our Honeymoon in Hawaii

Ok, that was last week, but the weather's been so bad and depressing since that I've slacked and not posted anything..
Our hotel was in Kailua-Kona on the west side. Beautiful luxuous hotel, and beautiful -although touristy- town.
We spent the whole week or so discovering the Big Island, its beaches (green sand, black sand):

its volcanoes, finally! I've been wanting to do that for 15 years! Although we didn't actually get to see any hot red flowing lava, it will be for next time... when we're (at least) 3!
We've watched breathtaking sunsets, saw geckos, sea turtles, lost of tropical fish while snorkeling. Shad got sunburned, I bought lots of hawaiian and japanese fabrics. We had lots of good food and amazing tropical fruits, and much much more... all the pics here

In the mean time well, in May, we've got lots to look forward to, friends visiting next weekend, a trip to Portland mid-May. I will accompany Shad to a conference, which will allow me to visit the city, as I've never been there. And then 3 days to Galveston for Memorial day... relaxing! Hoping to know in the mean time the gender of our baby!!!

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