Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gabriel's birth

Gabriel's birth
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Our little angel is born one week ahead on Sept. 2nd! Welcome in our lives sweet little Gabriel!
What a weekend we spent! I started having contractions saturday 1st at almost midnight, I tried to sleep it off but that didn't work at all!!! Sunday morning at 6am I told Shad that we need to go to the hospital.. We arrived there at 7:30am. And they admitted us after monitoring me and Gabe for 3 hours, to make sure labor was well on its way.
Soon after that our friend/doula Steph joined us, around noon, to help us through the entire labor and delivery, I don't know what we would have done without her support!
I was induced with pitocin around 5pm, and the contractions became unbarable... then came the epidural, very painful, and it only worked on my left side... But whatever, I managed to feel my contractions and manage them to push him out at 10:55pm.. Pure bliss :)

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