Monday, August 07, 2006

Bachelorette party

Bachelor party, originally uploaded by manueb.

Oh boy...
I am still recovering (it's monday, 4pm, didn't make it to work)
So Saturday morning, I got up a little before 9, started running erands when the door rang...
I hear, "Hello, is this Emmanuelle Bourgue? There's a leak in your flat and we must come to check it".
I open the door and see all my friends "Surprise!" I really wasn't expecting that! And Sul and Torstein woke Shad up playing some tune on the ukulele (quite pathetic).
I had to dress up as this cowgirl, frankly, quite vulgar, as "Shad's bitch" but fun!!!
We had a nice breakfast with champagne (hmm hmm) in Vigelandspark, took a few pics with tourists, then took off. I was blindfolded, in the bus, in the train, or is it the other way around?
We ended up after some time in Tusenfryd, a water theme park not far from Oslo, and had a great day on the roller costers and stuff.
In the mean time, I was supposed to write a song, one verse every 30 min, to perform on stage later on in the evening, in some bar...
So I worked on that as well.
We left the park around 6:30 to go to the bar, I was blindfolded again..
Finally, we ended up in... Stephane's place, where I had to perform my song to Shad in front of everybody. After all I had done during the day, it was almost easy :) hehehe.
The party was awesome and we got to know what the guys did during the day, painful paintball (huh Kev?), and some swimming in the harbour for Shad. We ate so much good food and drank so much: OUCH!
But what an unforgettable day! Thanks a lot :)

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