Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Medical check-up for US immigration

So yesterday I went to this supposed-to-be very thorough medical check-up here in Oslo, requested by the US immigration.. After freaking out about it for a few days, as I HATE going to the doctor's, turns out that for the modest price of 2700kr (340€,$440), I was just asked: "Are you healthy?". What kind of an idiot would say no!
So the "doctor" replied: "Yeah, you look pretty healthy to me", checked on my application that everything was "normal", and that was it, I was done.
Doctors in Norway... when originally, I was to be asked if I smoke, drink, am on any drug, if I have any kind of disease.. Nothing at all. Guess they just trust you on your smile here. Hope it will be that easy for the interview at the American Embassy!

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